Vol.1 - Issue 4 (June- 2012)

Reinforcement Learning Based for Traffic Signal Monitoring and Management
| Total Downloads : 2099
Authors : Ms Namrata S. Jadhao, Mr.Parag A. Kulkarni
Isomorphism, inversions and symmetry in Single degree 8 links 16 kinematic chains using application of fuzzy logic
| Total Downloads : 1293
Authors : S.R.Madan, Sushant Mahendru ,Anjali Mahendru
Assessment of Building Energy Performance for EEMs – A Case Study in Mumbai
| Total Downloads : 1340
Authors : Mr. Tej Singh Chouhan, Dr. (Prof.) Ashish Dutt Sharma
A Review of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
| Total Downloads : 7151
Authors : Prabhat Kumar, M.P.Singh and U.S.Triar
MATLAB Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Precision Agriculture in Rural India
| Total Downloads : 13384
Authors : Mr. Pankaj Govindrao Vispute, Dr. R. S. Kawitkar
Development and thermal analysis of new class of storage elements
| Total Downloads : 1608
Authors : Amit Sharma, S.N.Mishra, Pradeep Kumar, Bhanu Pratap Singh
Evaluating the Performance of a Single Phase PWM Inverter Using 3525A PWM IC
| Total Downloads : 9544
Authors : Omokere, E. S and Nwokoye, A. O. C
Information Communication Technology Policy Design For E-Governance & General awareness
| Total Downloads : 831
Authors : Mithilesh Kumar Dubey, Navin Kumar
Soil Temperature Dynamics during Bioremediation of Petroleum Products Using Remediation Agent Made from Nigeria Local Resource Materials
| Total Downloads : 774
Authors : Adebola A. Adekunle, Iheoma M. Adekunle, Tobit Igba
An Enhanced Clustering Technique for Web Usage Mining
| Total Downloads : 18759
Performance of concrete by using Non recyclable plastic wastes as concrete constituent
| Total Downloads : 4187
Authors : A. Bhogayata, K. D. Shah, B. A. Vyas, Dr. N. K. Arora
Review Paper on Quantitative Image Quality Assessment – Medical Ultrasound Images
| Total Downloads : 3277
Authors : Kashyap Swathi Rangaraju, Dr. Kishor Kumar, C H Renumadhavi
Evaluation of Densification and Mechanical Properties of Hot Forged and Sintered AISI 4340 P/M Steel
| Total Downloads : 1490
Authors : J.Joshua gnana sekaran, G. Ranganath, J. Arivudainambi, R. Mariappan
Automatic Speech Recognition for Telephone Voice Dialling in Yorùbá
| Total Downloads : 919
Authors : T.S. Ibiyemi ,A.G. Akintola
Automatic Tracking of NigComSat-1R Satellite by Dish Network Mounted on Mobile Tele-Medicine Vehicles
| Total Downloads : 828
Authors : T.S. Ibiyemi ,A.G. Akintola
Invoking web services with software agents
| Total Downloads : 480
Authors : Manoj Kumar Rawat, Dr.D.C.Upadhayay
Automated Model Based Testing
| Total Downloads : 702
Authors : Jyoti Mishra, Irphan Ali, Anubhaw Kumar Upadhyay
ANFIS Implementation for Robotic Arm Manipulator
| Total Downloads : 2427
Authors : Gurjeet Singh, Dr. Vijay Kumar Banga
Diagnosis of stress involving acquisition of biological signals for example heart rate, electrocardiogram, electromyography signals
| Total Downloads : 505
Image Texture features analysis for multi-focus image fusion based on discrete wavelet transform
| Total Downloads : 982
Authors : C. Madhavi, G.Mamatha, B. N. Shobha

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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