Vol.1 - Issue 5 (July - 2012)

Voltage Profile and Power Flow Enhancement with FACTS Controllers
| Total Downloads : 3099
Authors : Sunil Kumar Singh, Lobzang Phunchok,Y.R.Sood
Exact Solution Of Triple Diffusive Marangoniconvection In A Composite Layer
| Total Downloads : 774
Authors : R. SUMITHRA
Ensuring data storage security in cloud computing with effect of kerberos
| Total Downloads : 4954
Authors : Mehdi Hojabri
Remote I/O Data Acquisition over PROFIBUS
| Total Downloads : 1050
Authors : Srinivasa Rao Thamanam, Ch. Praveen Kumar, M.Naresh Kumar, B.Balaji Naik
Comparative Approach For The Optimization Of Tilt Angle To Receive Maximum Radiation
| Total Downloads : 3536
Authors : Abhishek Agarwal , Vineet Kumar Vashishtha, Dr. S.N. Mishra
Novel Approach For Current Amplification With Low Power Dissipation
| Total Downloads : 996
Authors : Rishi Sharma, R K Baghel, Lalita Gupta
Design of Small-Gm Operational Tranconductance Amplifier in 0.18?m Technology
| Total Downloads : 2318
Hydrodynamics of Multi-Stage Air Lift Reactor (MSALR)
| Total Downloads : 1835
Authors : Nikhil K. Gajbhiye, Jagdish. B Khadse, S. D. Dawande
Determination of Awareness Level for Green Marketing Among Dealers and Customers in 800CC-2000CC Segment of Cars
| Total Downloads : 1093
Authors : Shweta Dubey, Kamlesh Gurjar
Digital Beam Forming Using RLS – QRD Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 2191
Authors : Sumit Verma, Arvind Pathak
Triple- diffusive convection in a micropolar ferrofluid in the presence of rotation
| Total Downloads : 933
Authors : Suresh Chand
A Review On Different Biometric Techniques
| Total Downloads : 1369
Authors : Sourav Ganguly, Subhayan Roy Moulick
Anti Fuzzy Subalgebras and Homomorphism of CI- algebras
| Total Downloads : 1081
Authors : P.M.Sithar Selvam, T.Priya, T.Ramachandran
Relationship between Compressive Strength and Pulse Velocity of medium Grade Concrete incorporating Rice Husk Ash
| Total Downloads : 2355
Various Control Techniques for Induction Motor Drive: A Brief Insight
| Total Downloads : 1685
Authors : Anuradha Tomar, Dr. Yog Raj
An Analysis of TCP SYN Flooding Attack and Defense Mechanism
| Total Downloads : 1642
Authors : Manish Kumar, Arvind Panwar, Achin Jain
Significance of Search Logs in Crawling
| Total Downloads : 488
Authors : Karishma
New Approach to Look-Up-Table Optimization for Memory-Based Realization of FIR Digital Filter
| Total Downloads : 1395
Authors : P. sowmithri, V.prasanth
Task Graph Scheduling on Multiprocessor System using Genetic Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 1074
Authors : Amit Bansal, Ravreet Kaur
Wavelets with Application on Signal Processing Applicable To Non Linear Signals
| Total Downloads : 782
Authors : D.B. Pawar, R.S. Kawitkar, M. Selva Balan

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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