Vol.1 - Issue 10 (December - 2012)

Performance Characterization Of Single Cylinder DI Diesel Engine Fueled With Castor Biodiesel
| Total Downloads : 3669
Authors : M. M. Kulkarni, V.S.Dhumal
Efficiency Improvement in PUMA Protocol Using A Network Simulator NS – 2.35 and Get Secure PUMA in Mobile Ad – Hoc Network
| Total Downloads : 1030
Authors : Vishalkumar Hansrajbhai Kanani
Mobile Agent Synchronization And Security Issue
| Total Downloads : 1485
Authors : Anil B. Dongardiye, Prof. Girish Agrawal, Prof. Pragati Patil
Location, Operation & Maintenance Of Discharge Shaft Of Ash Pond For Fly Ash Disposal
| Total Downloads : 1327
Authors : Sunil Singhai, Prof. R. K .Grover, Prof. Rajesh Jain
A Novel Personalized Image Search Framework
| Total Downloads : 2314
Authors : Naeem Naik, Prof. L. M. R. J. Lobo, Riyaz Jamadar
Design, Construction And Performance Evaluation Of A Solar Agricultural Drying Tent
| Total Downloads : 2594
Authors : Adu E. A, Bodunde A. A, Awagu E. F, Olayemi F. F
Study On The Level Of Mechanization Of Rice Processing In Kano State, Nigeria
| Total Downloads : 1252
Authors : Adu E. A, Isiaka A. A, Awagu E. F, Aminu M. D, Olayemi F. F
A Review Of Wireless Communication
| Total Downloads : 1694
Authors : P. Kavipriya, Dr. C. Gomathy
Kinetics And Mechanism Of Thermal Decomposition Of Binary Mixture Of Ferrous Oxalate And Copper Oxalate In The (1:2) Mole Ratio
| Total Downloads : 1243
Authors : S. K. Zaware, S. S. Jadhav
Using Apriori Algorithm To Improve Crm For Shopping Malls
| Total Downloads : 1373
Authors : P.Sravanthi, M. Madhavi
A Survey of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
| Total Downloads : 1052
Authors : Avani M. Patel, Manish M. Patel
Secured Personal Health Records Transactions Using Homomorphic Encryption In Cloud Computing
| Total Downloads : 2297
Authors : S. Vidya, K. Vani, D. Kavin Priya
Analysis Of Dental Image Processing For Human Identification
| Total Downloads : 1757
Authors : Anita Patel, Pritesh Patel, Assi.Prof. Ashtha Baxi
Comparison Of Network Topologies For Optical Fiber Communication
| Total Downloads : 2917
Authors : Mr. Bhupesh Bhatia, Ms. Ashima Bhatnagar Bhatia, Ms. Rashmi Ishrawat
A Survey on Waste Heat Recovery from Internal Combustion Engine Using Thermoelectric Technology
| Total Downloads : 3285
Authors : S. R. Jumade V. W. Khond
A Review On Wireless Sensor Networks: Different Security Issues And Analysis, And Integration With The Internet
| Total Downloads : 644
Authors : Mr. Ayush Sogani, Dr. Aman Jain
Optic based Wireless Power Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks
| Total Downloads : 1113
Authors : Shreyas Srinath, Sahana S Bhandari
Contextual Web Search Results Clustering Using Lingo And Extended Wordnet
| Total Downloads : 617
Authors : Rathi Kiran, Mitula Pandya, Suryakant Vishwakarma
The Effects Of Cutting Conditions On Chip Area Ratio And Surface Roughness In Hard Turning Of AISI 52100 Steel
| Total Downloads : 1075
Authors : A. D. Bagawade , P. G. Ramdasi, R. S. Pawade , P. K. Bramhankar
Fundamental Natural Frequencies Of Double-Walled Carbon With Different Boundary Conditions
| Total Downloads : 463
Authors : S Sanyasi Naidu, Ch Varun, G Satyanarayana

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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