Vol.1 - Issue 6 (August- 2012)

Partially Ordered Gamma- Semigroups
| Total Downloads : 1301
Authors : VB Subrahmanyeswara Rao Seetamraju, A. Anjaneyulu, D. Madhusudana Rao
Harmonic Optimization of Cascade Multilevel Inverter with Unequal Dc Sources Using Genetic Algorithm
| Total Downloads : 2871
Authors : M.Periasamy, Dr.M.Shankar
The Study of Knowledge Discovery with Spatial Data Mining in Epidemiology Database
| Total Downloads : 1569
Authors : Siddhi Nath Rajan, Ashok K Sinha, J B Singh
Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Image Satellite and GIS Technology
| Total Downloads : 2839
Authors : H. Shahabi, B.B. Ahmad, S. Khezri
A Generalized Formula For Canonical Polynomials For M-th Order Non-overdetermined Ordinary Differential Equations (ODES)
| Total Downloads : 702
Authors : B.M. YISA, R.B. ADENIYI
Generalization Of Canonical Polynomials For Overdetermined M - Th Order Ordinary Differential Equations(ODEs)
| Total Downloads : 620
Authors : B.M. YISA, R.B. ADENIYI
Generalized Canonical Cosine Transform
| Total Downloads : 1002
Authors : A. S. GUDADHE, A.V. JOSHI
Spati0-temporal And Statistical Analysis Of Malaria In The Amansie West District Of Ghana
| Total Downloads : 990
Authors : Prosper, B.L., Duker, A.A.
Modeling and Simulation of Micro Grid System Based on Renewable Power Generation Units by using Multilevel Converter
| Total Downloads : 4397
Authors : K.Venkateswarlu, J.Krishna Kishore
Blind Deconvolation Algorithm Implementation On Image Deblurring Using Parllel And Distributed Computing
| Total Downloads : 1041
Authors : Mr Neetin Kumar, Dr.Manish Shrivastava
A Survey and Comparison of Relational and Non-Relational Database
| Total Downloads : 4470
Authors : Nishtha Jatana,Sahil Puri, Mehak Ahuja, Ishita Kathuria, Dishant Gosain
A Comprehensive Review of Recent Relevance Feedback Techniques in CBIR
| Total Downloads : 1132
Authors : Shruti Patil
Systematic Review of Automatic Test Case Generation by UML Diagrams
| Total Downloads : 2876
Authors : Dr. Arvinder Kaur, Vidhi Vig
Reconfiguration of Manufacturing System
| Total Downloads : 600
Authors : Mr. Braj Krishna, Dr. S.C.Jayswal
Automatic Solar Tracker Robot
| Total Downloads : 7876
Authors : Dr.Shaik Meeravali, Suthagar S
Effective Power Generation System For Day And Night Using Solar Power With Tracking And Molten Salt Techniques
| Total Downloads : 1760
Parametric effect of fiber laser cutting on surface roughness in 5 mm thick mild steel sheet (IS-2062)
| Total Downloads : 1496
Authors : Pradipkumar S. Chaudhari, Prof. Dhaval M. Patel
Remote Wireless Health Care Monitoring System Using ZIGBEE
| Total Downloads : 2083
Authors : P.Murali Krishna, Dr.K.Padma Priya,
Modeling and Analysis on Wing of A380 Flight
| Total Downloads : 1570
Authors : N.Anjaneyulu, J. Laxmi Lalitha,
Rumor Riding: A Random Walk Protocol For Providing Anonymity
| Total Downloads : 452
Authors : Padmavathi Vanka, Manjula. T, SanthiLakshmi. A

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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