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IJERTV7IS060059 Study of Low Stress Mechanical Properties of Silk and Bamboo Knitted Fabrics Dyed with Cannon Ball Fruit Extract Shashikala. H , Dr. S Kauvery Bai Download
IJERTV7IS060060 Study of Behavior of the Soft Stories at Different Locations in the Multi-Story Building Pavithra R , Dr. T. M. Prakash Download
IJERTV7IS060071 Acquiecent Design from Solar Energy Viraj Kashikar , Marmik Mistry, Abhay Kakkar , Nirav Rajpurohit, Sahil Raparka , Ashish Hande, Bhaskar Kumar Download
IJERTV7IS060080 A Comparison of NLMS & PNLMS Algorithms for Echo Cancellation Miss. Dhanashri M. Kadakane , Prof. Mrs. A. P. Patil Download
IJERTV7IS060051 Finite Element Analysis and Design Optimization of Ocean Current Composite Turbine Blade Nidhiya Thampi , Arunima M. S. , Muhammed Suhail T. , Farseen K. Jamal , Jean Varghese Divan Download
IJERTV7IS060066 Design of Pool Water Management System for Storage of Radioactive Materials Akash A Kharatmol , Nayan B Khairnar , Hardik N Maru , Dr. D R Panchagade, Dr. K Sharma Download
IJERTV7IS060072 Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operations Pradeep A S , Niranjan Swamy G M , Vimochana S N , Guruprakash Harnahalli, Salman Nalband Download
IJERTV7IS060079 Use of Industrial Waste in the Field of Construction Ar. Kalyani Nilesh Junankar Download
IJERTV7IS060087 Performance Assessment of Pre-Engineered Building Arif Ahmed , Saleem Malik Yarnal , A. J. Zende , Sagar S Allagi Download
IJERTV7IS050275 Usage Analysis of Web Access Behavior Ankita Gaur Download
IJERTV7IS060048 THD Minimization in Multilevel Inverter Using Optimization Approach Ms. Madhuri S. Mali , Dr. B. G. Patil Download
IJERTV7IS060096 An Efficient Transformerless Inverter Topology with Reduced Leakage Current for Grid Tied PV System Swathi Chandra M T , Manju B Download
IJERTV7IS060097 Switched Reluctance Motor Drive for Electric Vehicle using Artificial Neural Network Control Strategy Anju Raj T V , Jayasoorya J Download
IJERTV7IS060109 Construction and Modelling of Horizontal Shaft Repulsive-Type Magnetic Bearing Rajeev Kumar , Shamik Chattaraj Download
IJERTV7IS050171 Solar PV Array-Fed Water Pumping System Using Zeta Converter based Closed-Loop Control of BLDC Motor Drive R. Durgaprasad , P. Guruvulunaidu , Ch. Prasad Download
IJERTV7IS050190 Removal of Tartrazine Yellow Dye From Aqueous Solution using Groundnut Shell as Biomass: Kinetic Approach A. K. Asiagwu , O. O. Emoyan , C. K. Ojebah Download
IJERTV7IS050205 Numerical Analysis of Performance of Annular Fin Gamal G. S. Hashem , Salah El-Badri , Naser S. Sanoussi Download
IJERTV7IS050210 Application of SWARA and TOPSIS Methods for Supplier Selection in a Casting Unit Arun K Narayanan , Dr. Jinesh N Download
IJERTV7IS050231 Design, Analysis and Soil-Structure Interaction of an Intze Tank using ETABS, ANSYS and SAFE Shrutismita Talukdar , Tejaswini M. L. , Kiran S. M. Download
IJERTV7IS050232 Finite Element Analysis of Different Types of FRP on Beam-Column Joint Arindom Bora , Tejaswini M. L. , Kiran S. M. Download
IJERTV7IS050237 Cryogenic Treatment on Alloy Steels- A Review Prabaharan T , Karthik Pandiyan G Download
IJERTV7IS050239 Employing Data Mining Techniques to Predict Occurrence of Thunderstorm Using Hourly Weather Datasets :In the Case of Gondar Control Zone Abebe Mulu , Belay Enyew Download
IJERTV7IS050242 Comparison of Various Role Based Access Control Scheme Kritika Soni , Prof. Suresh Kumar Download
IJERTV7IS050243 Characterization of Aluminium Hybrid Composite Reinforcement with Teak Wood Ash and Bamboo Ash by using Stir Casting Process Pravinkumar M Download
IJERTV7IS050244 Experimental Analysis of Partial Replacement of Cement by Ggbs and Fly Ash in Concrte Virendra Desale , Aarti Kamble , Palash Borwal, Akshay Ingole, , Prof. Sudhanshu Pathak Download
IJERTV7IS050247 Assessment of Essential and Trace Elements in Soil Profiles of Paddy Fields of Southern District of Kashmir Himalaya Sartaj Ahmad Ganie , M. Vikram Reddy , Mohammad Aneesul Mehmood , Asmat Rashid , , Humaira Qadri , Rouf Ahmad Bhat , Gowhar Hamid Dar , Aadil Gulzar Download
IJERTV7IS050249 Smart Phone Operated Multipurpose Agricultural Robot Balaji B S , Yamuna A S , Shruthi M , Shivakumara M C Download
IJERTV7IS050250 Design & Fabrication of Manual Wheelchair from Corrugated Cardboard Sheets Bipin Sharma , Simon Anithottam , Shubham Dhaigude , Raghvendra Agarwal Download
IJERTV7IS050251 Design Thinking and its Concernment to Agile Testing: Emergence and Techniques Parthasarathy P D , Dr. Vinod Vijayakumaran Download
IJERTV7IS050252 A Review on Age Group Classification using Facial Features Rahul Kumar , Deepak Kumar Agarwal Download
IJERTV7IS050253 Development of Mechanism to Perform Multiple Operations on Grass P. V. Chilbule , G. R. Chavhan Download
IJERTV7IS050254 Design and Analysis of Leaf Spring using Composite Materials Ganesh R. Chavhan , Pawan V. Chilbule Download
IJERTV7IS050255 Design and Analysis of Double Wishbone Suspension System using Fea and Matlab Mehaboob H Mujavar , Altaf Ahmed , Mohammad Akbar , Mohammed Sameer Dakhani Download
IJERTV7IS050260 A Review of Turbo Decoder for Wireless Communication System through VLSI Design Konika Bhowmik , Ravish Gupta Download
IJERTV7IS050262 Parametric Investigation of Effect of Diffuser Angle on the Flow Characteristics of an Ahmed Body Akash MB , Pranjal M Patil , Tej Pratap Singh Download
IJERTV7IS050265 Design Enrichment for Plastic Injection Mold using Flow Analysis Amit Pandurang Kharche Download
IJERTV7IS050267 Tail Pipe Emissions of a Passenger Car on Different Driving Modes Devika S. , Bino I. Koshy , Bindhu B. K. Download
IJERTV7IS050268 Conceptual comparative study of New FACTS Technology: Unified Power Flow Controller,Distributed Power Flow Controller,Interline Power Flow Controller and Separated-Interline Power Flow Controller Bulbul Mewara , Dr. Annapurna Bhargava , Kritika Jain Download
IJERTV7IS050273 A New Approach of Text Steganography Using ASCII Values Keshav Joshi Download
IJERTV7IS050276 Reversible Digital Audio Watermarking Scheme Using Wavelet Transformation Ashwini V. Khillare , Ashwini V. Malviya Download
IJERTV7IS050278 Overview of Technical Issues Related to the Connection and the Islanding Operation of Distributed Generation to the Ditribution Grid in the Islands of Vietnam Doan Van Dong Download
IJERTV7IS050280 A Study on Performance of Locally Available Marine Clay as Landfill Liner Abishek Kumar A.A , Megha Mohanan , Revathy Daskuttan , Haritha R Nair, Rosmin K Jose Download
IJERTV7IS050281 Comparative Study on Stiffness Regular and Stiffness Irregular Building Subjected to Seismic Load using Pushover Analysis B G Nareshkumar , T M Prakash , Punith N , Arun Kumar G N Download
IJERTV7IS050283 Pervious Concrete Pavement V. Saritha , K. Sriram Saran , M. Raj Kumar , P. Anantha Raju , B. Rajeswari , C. Kusuma Kumari Download
IJERTV7IS050285 Crack Prediction on Aircraft Wing Spar Antony Samuel Prabu G , Vishnu Raj , Amogh Ballolli , Akhil A Chandran Download
IJERTV7IS050288 Surveillance of the Water Quality Ascertainment of Vellayani Lake Sruthi S B , Akhila S R , Vidhya Varghese , Prof. N Vijayan Download
IJERTV7IS050289 PV and QV Curve Analysis of IEEE 9 Bus System with Fact Devices Meenakshi Gupta , Taranpreet Singh Talwar Download
IJERTV7IS050290 Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Polymer Composites Reinforced with Jute Mat Fiber and Egg Shell Powder for Ligaments and Tendons Replacement Manoj M Bhat , Madhu Niranjan H T , Aksheth, Namit S Naik , T. Venkate Gowda, Anil Kumar P R Download
IJERTV7IS050291 Free Vibration Behaviour of Alkali Treated Long Kenaf Fibre Reinforced Epoxy Composites Ganesh C J , Dhanush Kumar M R , Dilip G, Adarsh C , T. Venkate Gowda , Anil Kumar P R Download
IJERTV7IS050293 Electronic Repellent for Euducima Materna: a Fruit Piercer/Sucking moth Pradeep Chikkalaki , Kirankumar B. Balavalad , Deepa Shivanappagol , Keerthi Sankangoudar , Vijalaxmi Metigud Download

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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