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IJERTV5IS040633Detection of Ventricular Tachycardia, Paced Rhythm and Idioventricular rhythm through QRS complex AnalysisBalasubramanya Vasista , Dr. P. S. Ramkumar , Vinutha L. B , Rajashekhar Kunabeva Download
IJERTV7IS060191Classification of Brinjal Leaf Diseases using K-Means ClusteringAkshada C. Jadhav , Simran D. Walmik , Akshata V. Upari , Rudrappa B. Gujanatti Download
IJERTV7IS060205Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting for Cell PhonesHussein Kassem , Hayssam El-Hajj, Mohammad S , Abou Chahine, Ismail El-Sayad , Ahmad Hassan. Qassab, Mohammad Kassem. Salman Download
IJERTV7IS060208A Study on Lamb Wave Based Damage Identification and Detection on a Metallic StructureSangeeta Patra , Avinash Nath Tiwari , Arunabha Datta Download
IJERTV7IS070012Estimation of Age Groups based on Facial FeaturesRahul Kumar , Akhilesh Kumar Srivastava , Deepak Kumar Agarwal Download
IJERTV7IS070015Exhaust Temperature Control of Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Due to Incremental Load DemandA. E Jonathan , M. Olubiwe , S. O. Okozi , C. K. Agubor Download
IJERTV7IS070018A Survey of Millimeter Wave communications (mmWave) for 5G:Future Promising TechnologyVaishnavi K V , Sharathchandra N R Download
IJERTV7IS070019A Quantitative Analysis of an Advance Smart Soil Analyser with a Soil Tester: A Comprehensive SurveyShubhashree P R , Prasanna Kumar C Download
IJERTV7IS070020Overall Image Enhancement through Discrete Wavelet TransformPreethi K C , Reshma M Download
IJERTV7IS070021Shape and Texture based Facial Expression Recognition using Neural NetworkJ. Suneetha Download
IJERTV7IS070022A Comprehensive Study on implementation of Low Noise AmplifierAshwitha A Kudva N , Praveen Kumar Konda Download
IJERTV7IS070025Design of Extended Kalman Filter for Object Position TrackingD. S. Inaibo , M. Olubiwe , C. A. Ugoh , R. E. Echendu Download
IJERTV7IS070026Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipments: Issues in Management and DisposalTamirat Dessalegn Haile , Dr. R. Divahar , Meenambal , Dr. T. Meenambal Download
IJERTV7IS070028Automated Double Hacksaw CutterTanuj Joshi Download
IJERTV7IS070029A Survey on Medical Image Security and Authentication TechniquesAshish Sethi , Vishal Garg , Shiva Sharma , Dr. Manisha Rastogi Download
IJERTV7IS070030The Impact of Canyon Design on the Thermal Environment of the Coastal Area of Selatpanjang CityRahman, B. , Defiana, I. , Dinapradipta, A. Download
IJERTV7IS070031Detection of Pest from Paddy Crop Leaf using Image Processing TechniquesK. Divya , B. Bhuvaneswari Download
IJERTV7IS070032Land Value Model in Potential Areas of Surabaya-Middle East Ring RoadGatot Subroto , Adjie Pamungkas , Eko Budi Santoso Download
IJERTV7IS070034FEM Analysis of Orthogonal Cutting of Aluminium Alloy using Rigid ToolPunit Bhardwaj , Mr. Akshat Singh Jhala , Mr. Ahsan Habib , Mr. Rajesh Kumar Patel Download
IJERTV7IS070037Detecting Crowded Zones as an Indicator for Abnormal EventsIsmail El Sayad , Abir Youness , Zahraa Kain , Samih Abdul-nabi , Hussein Kassem Download
IJERTV7IS070038Energy Audit of Coal Handling Power PlantAbhishek Kumar , Sumeet Sharma , Dr. D. Gangacharyulu Download
IJERTV7IS070040Urea Plant Energy Improved with Operation Philosophy & Reactor InternalsPrem Baboo Download
IJERTV7IS070041Application of Waste Plastic Oil as Alternative FuelSalim Walla. Salah , Seedahmed A. I. Download
IJERTV7IS070042Review Paper on Design and Optimization Of Composite Propeller Shaft for Light Motor VehicleMr. Sandip R Mali , Mr. S. S. Patil Download
IJERTV7IS070045An Investigation on the Use of LBPH Algorithm for Face Recognition to Find Missing People in ZimbabwePeace Muyambo Download
IJERTV7IS070046A Comparative Study of Deadlock Recovery Schemes in Wormhole Routed NetworksJameel Ahmad , Dr. Mohammadi Akheela Khanum , Professor A. A. Zilli Download
IJERTV7IS070047Optimisation of Babassu (Attalea Speciosa) biodiesel using Taguchi’s TechniqueRishi Bector , Dr. S. S. Ragit , Dr. Satish Kumar Download
IJERTV7IS070048Artificial Neural Network Based Predicting Parameters of Emotional Speech from Neutral SpeechNiha Sultana , Geethashree A Download
IJERTV7IS070049Comparative Assessment of Drag & Lift Force on NACA 66(2)-015 Airfoil Model by Computational Fluid Dynamics and Experimental MethodPrasad Kallolimath , Mayur Anvekar Download
IJERTV7IS070056Automatic Recognition of ECG Lead Misplacement in PythonDhaani Kulshreshtha , Alice Cheeran , Vaibhav Awandekar Download
IJERTV7IS070057Computational Acoustic Analysis on Trailing Edge of Serration Wing for Reducing Instability NoiseS. Visalatchi , V. Sugadev , T. Anbarasan , S. Sivakumar Download
IJERTV7IS070058Rayleigh-Bénard-Taylor Convection in Temperature-sensitive Newtonian Liquid with Heat Source/SinkA. S. Aruna , V. Ramachandramurthy Download
IJERTV7IS070059Augmented Reality Indoor Navigation Based on Wi-Fi TrilaterationMilad Ghantous , Houssam Shami , Rana Taha Download
IJERTV7IS070067Image Retrieval using BOVW and Relevant FeedbackIsmail El Sayad , Samih Abdul-Nabi , Zahraa Loubany , Dina Balchy , Hussein Kassem Download
IJERTV7IS070070Flexible Core Body Temperature Measuring PatchKrithika Vijayan , Elakhya N , Akhilesh Venkatasubramanian , Dr. R. Jayaparvathy Download
IJERTV7IS070071Design and Optimization of Suspension System for an Formula Hybrid VehicleVasamsetty Sreeram Santosh , Manish Sai Inala , Vachaspathy Polepeddi Download
IJERTV7IS070073Implementation of Total Quality Management for Managing Sewer Construction Using Quality Tools. Case Study of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pune, India.Mr. Nikhil Manohar Arane , Dr. Ramesh D Dod Download
IJERTV7IS070075Surface Water Quality Analysis Along Mahanadi River (Downstream of Hirakud to Delta)Deba Prakash Satapathy , Anil Kumar Kar , Abhijeet Das Download
IJERTV7IS070076Experimental Investigation of Heat Pipe with Annular Fins under Natural Convection at Different InclinationsSanjay Singh , Summet Sharma , Dr. D. Gangacharyulu Download
IJERTV7IS070077Women Safety Devices and ApplicationsPragna B R , Poojary Praveen Mahabala , Punith N, Sai Pranav , Shankar Ram, Jayasudha B S K Download
IJERTV7IS070079Self-Healing of Concrete using Bio-Influenced TechniquesMuntasir Hassan , Manjit Kour , Azmat Hussain Download
IJERTV7IS070080A Study of Heat Transfer in Microchannels using Aluminium oxide NanofluidsArun Vir Singh , Sumeet Sharma , Dr. D. Gangacharyulu Download
IJERTV7IS070082Mangrove Diversity of Southern East Coast of Andhrapradesh, IndiaDr. Skm Basha , A. Indiraprydarsini , M. Johnpaul Download
IJERTV7IS070083Wide Tuning Range with High-Q Active Inductor using Differential Active Inductor Based on Weak Inversion TransistorsRidouane Hamdaouy , Khadija Slaoui , Boussetta Mostapha Download
IJERTV7IS070084Effect of Steel Slag on Marshall Properties of Plain and Modified Bituminous Concrete Grade 1 MixGowtham C , Dr. K Ganesh Download
IJERTV7IS070085Identification of Public Satisfaction on Quality of Website Design Online Musrenbang of Surabaya City Related To Participatory Planning ProcessLuluk Harida Budianti , Adjie Pamungkas , Eko Budi Santoso Download
IJERTV7IS070090Characteristics and Evaluation of Thermal Comfort Around River in Banjarmasin CityAkbar Rahman , Shoichi Kojima Download
IJERTV7IS070091The Influence of Drying Temperature on Selected Properties of Flour Produced from Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato TubersHaruna, S. A. , Adejumo, B. A. , Chinma, C. E. , Akanya, H. O. , Okolo, C. A. Download
IJERTV7IS070093Determination of Air Pollution Due to Traffic in Kaduna Town, (Kasuwa, Kawo Motor Park and Sabo) Kaduna State-NigeriaAudu Vincent E. M. , Jaff Marcel , Jacob Alheri , Ibrahim A. Sukamari Download
IJERTV7IS070096Climatic Change on Different Districts of OdishaAbhijeet Das , Tushar Kumar Nath , Bhagirathi Tripathy Download
IJERTV7IS070097Different Types of Channel Estimation Techniques Used in MIMO-OFDM for Effective Communication SystemsRakshit Govil Download
IJERTV7IS070098Improving Sales Analysis in Retail Sale using Data Mining Algorithm with Divide and Conquer MethodMyint Myint Yee Download
IJERTV7IS070099Secure Cloud File Distribution System for Untrusted Network EnvironmentWilliam Asiedu , Maxwell Dorgbefu Jnr. Download
IJERTV7IS070104Aerodynamic Analysis of Flow Field Around Typical Aerospike Missile at Supersonic SpeedMr. T. Anbarasan , Mr. N. Vairamuthu , Ms. V. Gayathri Kanimozhi , Mr. R. Gopal Download
IJERTV7IS070107SRF and IRPT Methods of Dstatcom for Combined Harmonics Elimination and Reactive Power CompensationSobit Gairola , Mrs. Mamta Chamoli Download
IJERTV7IS070109Water Quality Analysis of Trace and Toxic Metals In Brahmani River BasinAbhijeet Das , Dr. Tushar Kumar Nath , Bhagirathi Tripathy Download
IJERTV7IS070110Performance Analysis of Spatial Modulation Scheme in Wireless CommunicationShraddha Singh , Kanchan Sharma Download
IJERTV7IS070111Damping Analysis of Plates with Multiple Constrained Layer Damping TreatmentsQingqing Wu , Minqing Wang Download
IJERTV7IS070114A Study of Water Quality of River Brahmani, Odisha (India) to Assess its PotabilityAbhijeet Das , Dr. Tushar Kumar Nath , Bhagirathi Tripathy Download
IJERTV7IS070117Optimisation of Parboiling Process using Response Surface Methodology (RSM) to improve the Physical Properties of Parboiled Milled RiceOgunbiyi, M. O , Adejumo, B. A , Gbabo, A , Chinma, C. E Download
IJERTV7IS070118Application of Network Forensics in Identification of Network TrafficAjay Sehrawat , Neha Shankar Das , Praveen Mishra Download
IJERTV7IS070121Assessment of Water Quality of Baitarani RiverAbhijeet Das , Dr. Tushar Kumar Nath , Bhagirathi Tripathy Download
IJERTV7IS070123Rudiments of Global Positioning System - A ReviewDr. A. Chandrabose , T. Manivannan , M. Jayakandan , P. Ananthi Download
IJERTV7IS070125Battery Investigation for Electric VehicleKartik Arora Download
IJERTV7IS070127Influence of Swirl Intensity and Blended Methane-Hydrogen on Gas Turbine Combustion CharacteristicsMohammed W. Eldeen , Mohammed A. Taemah , Wael M. El-Maghalany Download
IJERTV7IS070128Transliteration of Braille Character to Gujarati Text – The ModelHardik A. Vyas , Paresh V. Virparia Download
IJERTV7IS070129Solving Travelling Salesman Problem(TSP) Using Ant Colony Optimization(ACO)Nwamae, Believe B. , Kabari, Ledisi G. Download
IJERTV7IS070132Utilization of Fruits and Vegetable Waste in Cereal Based Food (Cookies)Abdullah Alkozai , Dr. Sheriful Alam Download
IJERTV7IS070134Design and Analysis of Vacuum Chamber CoverVijayakumar Basavarja , Murali Kumar L , Sahadeva G. N Download
IJERTV7IS070135Study on Main Factors of Walking Tire Wear in Straddle Type Monorail Vehicle based on ADAMS/TireLiu Xi Download
IJERTV7IS070136A Method for Enhancement of the Noisy Hybrid data using Independent Vector AnalysisInam Ullah , Taimur Ahmed Khan Download
IJERTV7IS070138Augmented RealityThejaswini K P , Usha Rani C M , B A Sujatha Kumari Download
IJERTV7IS070139Classifications on IoT AttacksNinad Gadkar , Dr. Achala Deshmukh Download
IJERTV7IS070140Study on Designing a Sustainable Development and Planning Strategies to Backward Villages of low -cost House in South IndiaP Thirunavukkarasu , Dr. E Chandrasekaran , S. Santhi Download
IJERTV7IS070141Realizing Improvements in Quality by Applying Six Sigma Methodology – A Foundry based Case StudyBenita Evangelyne J , Dr. V. Jaiganesh Download
IJERTV7IS070142Service Selection Strategy in Car Maintenance Using Product Service System (PSS) and Quality Function Deployment (QFD)Gilang Megantara , Dr. Ir. Mokh. Suef, Download
IJERTV7IS070143An Investigation on the Challenges Faced in Teaching and Learning Computers in Higher EducationTrust Mutero , Gloria Evergrace Mawere , Clopas Kwenda Download
IJERTV7IS070144Challenges of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project in Dhaka and Possible OvercomesSadia Mohsin , Dr. Md. Waliur Rahman Download
IJERTV7IS070145Community Participation Concept in Supplement of Drinking Water Infrastructure and Sanitation for Sustainable Settlement Area Case Study Kelurahan Sukun, Sukun sub-district, Malang CityHart Arsy Nesiaestetika , Haryo Sulistyarso , Eko Budi Santoso Download
IJERTV7IS070155Smart pill Dispenser using Internet of ThingsKartik Arora , Ujjwal Singh Download
IJERTV7IS070156Study of Polar Code Using BPSKRushikesh Bhaskarrao Wade , M. M. Jadhav Download
IJERTV7IS070157Aerodynamic Study of the Effects of Side-mounted Active Aerodynamic SurfacesYagnavalkya S Mukkamala , Zia Ahmad Ansari , Anand Vijayaraghavan Download
IJERTV7IS070158A Review on LPG as a Viable Fuel for SI EnginesSanjeev Kumar V , Vikas Kumar , Aniruddh Kaulgi Download
IJERTV7IS080003Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Dual Purpose Solar CollectorProf. N. G. More , Prof. R. S. Pote Download
IJERTV7IS080005Hydrodynamic Flow Analysis across bent sections of Pipe using CFD SoftwareVinay Sati , Shivasheesh Kaushik , Rahul Pandey , Ankit Kumar Shukla , Dr. Anirudh Gupta Download
IJERTV7IS080006Some Studies on the Treatment of Industrial Waste Water – A ReviewDr. Kanjan Upadhyay , Akhilesh Sharma Download
IJERTV7IS080007High Pass Filter and Bandpass Filter Using Current Feedback Operational Amplifier (CFOA)Ridouane Hamdaouy , Khadija Slaoui Download
IJERTV7IS080008Performance Evaluation of Treatment on Domestic Wastewater by using Oxidation Process. (Using Chlorine Dioxide)Dnyneshwar Vaijinath Sutar , Prof. Sachin J. Mane Download
IJERTV7IS080012Identification the effect of Behaviour on Traffic Accident Level with Stuctural Equation Modelling (SEM)Arfa' Najmy , Udisubakti Ciptomulyono , Ratna Sari Dewi Download
IJERTV7IS080013Recovery of Vitamin E from Edible Oil – A ReviewRohit Solanki , Dr. Kanjan Upadhyay Download
IJERTV7IS080014Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with Voltage Reference Control MethodMidhun Murali Download
IJERTV7IS080017Identification of Potential Areas to Develop Green Open Spaces (GOS) in Sub-District of Semampir Surabaya City, East Java ProvinceMoch Irfan Junaedhi , Adjie Pamungkas , Eko Budi Santoso Download
IJERTV7IS080018Experimental Study on Fal-G Binder as a Replacement of Cement in Pervious ConcreteAarthi. R , Vijayasurya. K , Pradeep. R , Chandrikka. V Download
IJERTV7IS080021Performance Enhancement of Heterogeneous LTE Networks Using EXP/PF Packet Scheduling AlgorithmHarpreet Kaur , Mandeep Singh Download
IJERTV7IS080022Smart Secured Real Time Agriculture Monitoring SystemBipin Sarode , Mayur Rajabhau Chate , Satyajit Sen Download
IJERTV7IS080025State-of-the-Art of an Induction Furnace: Design, Construction and ControlPatil Shaila G , P M Soni , Vaidya Harshal D. Download
IJERTV7IS080028Flexural Fatigue Strenght of Corrugated Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Containing Blends of Metakaolin and Silica Fume as Cement AdditiveTowseef Nazir , Er. Manjit Kaur Science , Muntasir Hassan Download
IJERTV7IS080032Forecasting of Very Short Term Electrical Loads based on Artificial Neural networkSoumyaranjan Ranasingh Download
IJERTV7IS080038Mobile Attendance Class Register (MACR): The Effective Way to Take Class Attendance in Urban Schools of ZambiaKambole M. Bwalya , Phiri Nerbart Download
IJERTV7IS080047Influence of Ca2SiO4 as fillers on Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Polymer Matrix CompositesGuruprasad. H. L , Dr. J. N Prakash Download

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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