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IJERTV7IS120024 A Survey of Botnet and Botnet Detection Methods Mr. Sandip Sonawane Download
IJERTV7IS120029 Hybrid DC–DC Boost Converter for Standalone Photovoltaic Systems David Etor Download
IJERTV7IS120025 Effect of Different Mulch Treatments on Growth and Forage Yield of Millet (Pennicitum Americanum L.) Under Arid Land Conditions Saeed. M. J. Turkustani, Hussain. E. Osman, Mohammed. H. Almarshadi Download
IJERTV7IS120022 Role of Silicon in Mitigating Effects of Deficit Irrigation on Production of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) Under Arid Land Conditions Burhan A. M. Niyazi, Aaftab Ahmad Download
IJERTV7IS120019 Forage Production and Water use Efficiency (WUE) of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) Under Drought Stress as Affected by Silicon (SI) Treatments Burhan A. M. Niyazi Download
IJERTV7IS120018 Natural Fibre Reinforced Composites: A Concise Review Partha Pratim Das Download
IJERTV7IS120006 The Importance of Contrast Enhancement in Medical Images Analysis and Diagnosis Dr. Faten A. Dawood, Dr. Ziad M. Abood Download
IJERTV7IS110087 Autonomous Landing of a Drone using Smart Vision Taylor Ripke, Tony Morelli Download
IJERTV7IS110088 Experimental Modal Analysis of A Car Semi-Axle Dejian-Meng, Hailong-Deng Download
IJERTV7IS110091 Geospatial Study on Characterization of Groundwater in Bheemunipatnam Municipality, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India Mohammed Hussen Yessuf Download
IJERTV7IS110093 Robust Embedding of Watermark in Wavelet Tree using SVD Radhika G. Kabra, Rahula A. Mahadik, Amol A. Mahadik Download
IJERTV7IS110080 Hazardous Facility Location: A Supply Chain Perspective Prashant Missal, Dwarkanath Aiwale Download
IJERTV7IS110092 Scalable Learning for Identifying and Ranking Prevalent News Topics using Social Media Factors Sabitha S, Sangrrtha K Download
IJERTV7IS110103 Numerical Investigation on Buckling Behavior of Suction-installed Cofferdam Jeongsoo Kim, Youn-Ju Jeong, Min-Su Park, Sunghoon Song Download
IJERTV7IS110105 Design and Analysis of Aerobatic Unmanned Fixed-wing Aircraft Sai Vinay Sandapeta, Sai Kiran Parre, Saniya Moinuddin, Habeeb Jaffar Al Aidroos, Mariyada Vamshi Krishna Reddy Download
IJERTV7IS110101 Improve the Productivity of Welding and Cutting Steel Pipe by using A New Fixture Nguyen Van Chuong Download
IJERTV7IS110104 Strength Properties of Remoulded Sludge Stabilized with Calcium Carbide Residue Yuyi Liu, Qi Tang, Yunjie Li, Jun Ye, Qin Yang Download
IJERTV7IS120002 Proposal for Development of a Novel 2kWp Solar Powered Rankine Cycle Power Generation System Abdulkarim Mayere Download
IJERTV7IS110102 A Review on Finite Element Method for Machining of Composite Materials Akash Jain, Anoo Dadhich, Dinesh Suthar, Nilesh Gurjar Download
IJERTV7IS110078 Structural Performance of Limestone as An Aggregate for Lightweight Concrete R. O. Onchiri Download
IJERTV7IS120009 Market Potential & Brand Preferences Among Competition Contractors in Enamel Industry using Coding with Concurrent Triangulation At Kolkata Dr. Sweta Rani, Ishita Banerjee Download
IJERTV7IS120017 Effect of Construction of Pavement on Expansive Subgrade Soil. A Case Study of Jimma-Agaro Road Segment Anteneh Geremew Download
IJERTV7IS110100 A Novel Study for A Model of Diffusion and Reaction in Porous Catalysts U. Filobello-nino, H. Vazquez-leal, V. M. Jimenez-fernandez, D. Pereyra-diaz, C. E. Sampieri-gonzalez. F. J. Gonzalez-martinez, A. D. Contreras-hernandez, O. Alvarez-gasca, B. E. Palma-grayeb, J. Matias-perez, L. Cuellar-hernandez, J. E. Pretelin-can Download
IJERTV7IS110074 QoS-based Web Service Ranking Model Considering Decision Making Methods G. Vadivelou, E. Ilavarasan Download
IJERTV7IS110077 Mechanical Property Evaluation of Woven Glass/Basalt Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites R. Jeevanantham, M. Prasad, D. Ragunath, G. Baskaren Download
IJERTV7IS110089 Design and Stress Analysis of Crankshaft for Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Diesel Engine K. Durga Prasad, K. V. J. P. Narayana, N. Kiranmayee Download
IJERTV7IS110090 Modeling of Machining Parameters of Structural Steel using Plasma ARC Cutting: A Response Surface Approach Dr. Pallavi H Agarwal, Mr. Ketulkumar R. Patel Download
IJERTV7IS110034 Investigation on Mechanical Properties and Life of GFRP Laminates by Employing Thin Film Layer P. Sampath Rao, P. Shiva Kumar Download
IJERTV7IS110035 Comparision of IS-875(Part 3)1987 and IS-875(Part 3)2015 for Tall Junction Tower Thejaswini I M, Sudharshan B S, G V Sowjanya Download
IJERTV7IS110044 Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Concrete Rahul Rai, Mahima Upreti, Mohneesh Nayal Download
IJERTV7IS110047 Short Review of QCC (Quality Control Circle) Implementation toward Productivity Improvement: Case Study Zubaidi Faiesal Bin Mohamad Rafaai, Amir Hamzah Bin Abdul Rasib, Yusri Bin Ishak Download
IJERTV7IS110049 Sensitivity Analysis in Medium Voltage Distribution Systems Vanga Padmasri, Nalla Suresh, Elumagandla Surendar, M Vidyasagar Download
IJERTV7IS110045 Data Breach Risk Reduction through Perimeter Security and Smart Surfing Adewale O Adebayo Download
IJERTV7IS110046 Role and Significance of E-Trends in MBA Education Ms. Deepshree Dekhane, Dr. Asha Thakur Download
IJERTV7IS110057 Improving of Engineering Properties of BC Soils Ch Sudharani, S Sreelatha, S Vijaya Baskar Reddy Download
IJERTV7IS110052 Design and Implementation of PID Controller using Genetic Algorithm Jaisimha Manipatruni, Narasimha Sampath Vedula Download
IJERTV7IS110043 A Framework for Optimizing the Computer Security Incident Business Continuity Plan Nnebe S. E, Iyafokhai I. U, Sadiq M. N Download

Crossref - DOI Prefix: 10.17577

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