Speech Recognition For Hindi Language

Speech Recognition For Hindi Language
Authors : Anushree Srivastava, Nivedita Singh, Shivangi Vaish
Publication Date: 22-04-2013


Author(s):  Anushree Srivastava, Nivedita Singh, Shivangi Vaish

Published in:   International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Website: www.ijert.org

Volume/Issue:   Vol.2 - Issue 4 (April - 2013)

e-ISSN:   2278-0181


Speech interface to computer is the next big step that computer science needs to take for general users. Speech recognition will play an important role in taking technology to them. Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition together form a speech interface. A speech synthesizer converts text into speech. Thus it can read out the textual contents from the screen. Speech recognizer had the ability to understand the spoken words and convert it into text. Our goal is to create speech recognition software that can recognize Hindi words.


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