A Research on Image CompressionTechniques

A Research on Image CompressionTechniques
Authors : Manish Mishra, Dr. Md. Sanawer Alam
Publication Date: 30-08-2017


Author(s):  Manish Mishra, Dr. Md. Sanawer Alam

Published in:   International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Website: www.ijert.org

Volume/Issue:   Volume. 6 - Issue. 08 , August - 2017

e-ISSN:   2278-0181

 DOI:  http://dx.doi.org/10.17577/IJERTV6IS080212


The advancement in digital technology has led to the development of various easy to use devices and methods especially in the field of communications and data transfer to longer distances, yielding in an enormous growth of these technologies in each and every field. The scientists, researchers and innovators are constantly looking for new fields as to where the usage of the latest technologies of electronics, internet etc. can be a possibility. The increase in the image and video content requires for the advances in media storage technology, the compression techniques and the performance of the transmission media as previously mentioned , the demand for high data storage capacity and the faster transmission speeds will have to exceed the capabilities of current technologies. The main aim is to design a compression technique suitable for image processing, storage and its transmission, and also providing tolerable computational complexity suitable for the practical implementation. The basic rule of the compression is to minimize the numbers of bits needed for representing an image. A Digital image compression algorithms exploits the overabundance in an image so that it can be represented utilizing a smaller number of the bits while still maintaining an acceptable visual quality. In this paper, a survey into the image compression has been presented.


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