Strategic Review - Analysis of Mortality Rate Caused by Depleted Uranium

Strategic Review - Analysis of Mortality Rate Caused by Depleted Uranium
Authors : Fahira Ljumic, Leila Keskic
Publication Date: 28-06-2017


Author(s):  Fahira Ljumic, Leila Keskic

Published in:   International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology

License:  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Website: www.ijert.org

Volume/Issue:   Volume. 6 - Issue. 06 , June - 2017

e-ISSN:   2278-0181


Purpose: This article reviewed the contemporary knowledge about the effects of the depleted uranium on the human health. The aim was to analyze the mortality and cancer rate caused by depleted uranium. We considered military conflicts where depleted uranium was used in armour-piercing ammunition and in uranium processing workers. Materials and methods: Search engines: PubMed and Google Scholar were used for the paper searching. Journals were analyzed for the incidence Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR) and confidence Interval (CI) as well as information about the cancer caused. Programs used: Excel and GraphPrism. Results: 10 articles were taken into consideration and were reviewed. There is higher overall cancer incidence and mortality rates in general population which increased during the last 20 years. Also, the incidence of lung cancer and blood cancers is higher compared to the general population due to the direct inhalation. Conclusion: In the end, we can conclude that according to this reviewed data, there is an increase during the last 20 years in the cancer mortality connected to the increase of depleted uranium usage. Also, per the reviewed data, direct inhalation of depleted uranium is hazardous to the organism.


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